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18 Feb



My Story.

Hi, I’m Jennifer. Like many women, I have used the pill for contraception. After I was forced to stop using hormonal birth control for unforeseen health reasons, I was on what felt like a never-ending search for a natural, highly effective method of birth control. I refused to believe that condoms, sponges, and diaphragms were my only options. After months of research, followed by hesitation and skepticism, followed by more research, I decided that the symptothermal method would become my primary form of contraception.

It wasn’t long before I became frustrated by the lack of intuitive, easy-to-use tools that help women practice this method. There are millions of other women out there who feel they have no other options. We want to give them the options they deserve, and we need your help to build our amazing software. Trust me, the software will be much better than my poorly cropped video.

The statistics.

11% of at-risk, US women currently practice NO form of birth control…that’s 4.3 million women. The number of unintended pregnancies that will result this year from this group of women is enough to populate the city of LA. 10% of women struggle to conceive when they want to. This leads to women undergoing expensive, invasive fertility treatments that may not be necessary.

The symptothermal method, which is up to 99.3% effective at preventing pregnancy when properly practiced (Planned Parenthood reports a 99.6% effectiveness), is commonly confused with the less effective calendar, or rhythm, method. Not only is the symptothermal method effective at preventing pregnancy, it also enables women who are trying to conceive to get pregnant faster. Fertility Forecast’s software will be built based on reproductive biology and scientific data that proves the efficacy of this method. Science?!? No way! (Note: several references may be found at the bottom of this page)

Although several other products exist, there has yet to be one that encompasses all the features women really need and want. We want to get it right and help take the confusion out of the symptothermal method by building beautiful, intuitive, and intelligent software.

Our Vision.

  • to cut down on the number of unintended pregnancies each year by providing free education and low-cost, natural birth control to women who cannot afford birth control, don’t have access to medical care, or want a natural option; and
  • to decrease the number of women who suffer through invasive, costly fertility treatments to get pregnant.

What will your money be funding?

Unfortunately for us, good software doesn’t make itself. Your money will help make the Fertility Forecast software a reality. Help us promote women’s reproductive health with easy-to-access, easy-to-use tools.

We’ve done a ton of work already, but unfortunately we can’t do much more without funding.

Our awesome software will:

  • Give women the go-ahead or no-go on unprotected sex based on their fertility signs and baby (or non-baby) goals
  • Look/be awesome (really)
  • Be super easy to use (trust me, we have an awesome developer)
  • Save women money over other potential methods
  • Predict ovulation, fertile days, and future menstruation days
  • Track a woman’s fertility experiences (we call them experiences, not symptoms, because they are totally normal)
  • Give women individualized tips and supplement suggestions to make their fertility experiences more pleasant
  • Give women tips for greater conception success
  • Track fetal or follicle development (science, for the win!)
  • Give women the tools and knowledge to identify a potential health concern

Visit our website. Still not convinced? Read more about the symptothermal method here and here.

I hope that you will consider helping us build this life-changing product. Thanks so much for the support!


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