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Geopieces Indiegogo

8 Jul


Geopieces – connect on the map, own part of the world, hunt treasure

Geopieces allows you to publish content on the world map, own part of the world and hunt for treasure on the map.





Reclaim the world!

Geopieces is a social network based on geographical location using the google maps technology.
Geopieces allows you to publish content on the world map on the relevant geographical position.

Geopieces turns the whole world into your Message board!

You can share Ideas, Opinions and Information directly on the World map. The upcoming Geopieces App allows you to place a Pin whereever you are and let others know about it!
The Geopieces Webinterface has just launched and now we need your help to get the Apps on the market.
You can discover what is new in your region. Are there Events in your City coming up? Just check the map! You want to see what others have been up to in your region? Just check the map!
You can also meet new People in your region and around the world and see what they are up to! Geopieces enables you to put your Mark on the World!

So what is so special about Geopieces?

The upcoming Geopieces App lets you pinpoint your location with every contribution you make. Want to show were you are at? Just pin the map! Want to show where the cool spots are right now? Just pin the map! Whether you want to peddle your local offers, share reviews of special places or just document a road trip you have done, Geopieces is the right platform for you!

Get your own Place on the world map!

The whole map is split into squares 30m x 30m big, the so called Geopieces, which can be bought by the User.
Your Territory allows you to create special content on it that will be prominently displayed to any user crossing into your Geopiece and is always ranked on the top of the website´s newsfeed when users look up your region.
You can buy any Piece of the world which is owned by the System or sold by other users To claim Geopieces you can buy Geocredits and exchange them for your Piece of the world.

Hunt for treasure on the map! (Findables)

Findables are claimable Treasures on the map randomly assigned to Geopieces within yellow Map circles. Searching Geopieces within those yellow boundaries, or stepping on a winning Geopiece with the upcoming Geopieces App active, can net you Prices if you find one of the lucky Geopieces. The Prices are sponsored by Geopieces and its Partners.


The following is a list of the App features that are currently planned
Create your own user profile and display your information on your territories to communciate your ideas
Detailed search based on position and content
Place content wherever you are including text, links, video and pictures
A Follower system
Like and Favourite Buttons for all content
Owning and buying Geopieces on the world map
Earn Plattform currency through traffic on your territories and trade them on the market
Achievements and Treasure hunts on the map

What is project goal and who is the project for?

Project Goal:

Generating Funds to program Apps for both iPhone and Android systems in order to allow the placement of content via Smartphone App on the Geopieces plattform and to find treasure and goodies on the map.
100% of App development costs will be covered via the project budget.

Target Group:

Social Gamers and Location based service enthusiasts – As a communication tool that does not comply to preset locations like exisiting services

Why should you support this project?

We let you do stuff others won´t!

Geopieces is the first Location based service that allows you to choose where to post information and create content on the world map.

• Each piece of information has their own unique map position
• Videos and pictures can be added to information
• Territories on the map can be bought by the user to add commercial or highlighted information. This featured information (local advertisement / local public relations) will be prominently displayed to regional visitors.

What you get for your support:

• Get the cheapest Geodollars to claim many cool spots on the map for yourself!
• Participate in supporter exlusive treasure hunts (Findables)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The full sum will be invested in the creation and marketing of the Geopieces Smartphone Apps for iOs and Android systems.
Supporters will be getting Geodollars, at a better exchange rate, for their support in order to get the best spots on the world map, an exclusive offer for supporters.

Who are the people behind the project?

Erich Drazdansky (Founder), 57, 30 years experience as an investment consultant. Invests in future oriented businesses and helps them to enter the market.

Jörg Eibl (Founder), CTO, 29, 10 years experience in web design and an avid follower of internet trends. Founded his first business at 18 and has written all of the code for Geopieces.

Bernd Eibl, CMO, 27, Online Marketing Professional, managed the Online Marketing and Customer Care section for a large European Webplattform



How @KinshipMarketin has marketed over 100 #Crowdfunding Projects!

1 Jun


Kinship Marketing has now marketed over 100 successfully funded Kickstarter projects that range from a few hundred dollars to over a hundred thousand. We are a company that is dedicated to helping the independent creator fund their dreams and I guarantee you won’t find our level of marketing anywhere else for anywhere near our prices.

Kinship Marketing has developed intense, specialized marketing campaigns that were created just for Kickstarter projects. We apply 75% of whatever you pay us to other paid advertising services that we manage daily. Ensuring your project receives the highest amount of targeted traffic as possible. In addition, your project will be seen on over 60 crowdfunding websites that we also market daily. Each of these websites receives anywhere from a few hundred visitors to over six thousands visitors a day. Kinship Marketing also uses several forums of social media to drive constant, targeted traffic to your project.

We charge $50 a week, or $200 a Kickstarter, for our services but we are happy to accommodate each customer for their specific needs. Kinship is run by a small group of marketing experts that started this type of marketing platform because of their desire to help the independent creator fund their goals. It is what drives us everyday to do whatever we can to ensure each Kickstarter project we market reaches its goal.


While we can not guarantee that your project will be funded, when using our services we can guarantee that 10s of thousands of people will see your Kickstarter. There is also another aspect of our marketing that no other marketing company or paid advertising service can offer.

– If your project doesn’t reach its funding goal we will market the re-launch of your Kickstarter for half price.

– If the re-launch isn’t successful we’ll market the third attempt for free. Meaning, we will pay for all of the costs involved. The reason we do this is because our marketing is highly effective and we have yet to have a project not be funded on the re-launch. So far, more than 95% of the Kickstarters we market are funded on the first project launch!

When you use Kinship Marketing, you’re not simply hiring a marketing company. You’re hiring a small team of marketing ninjas that fight everyday to ensure your funding goals are met. Please visit our website and fill out the forum at the bottom. We’ll respond within 24 hours and will begin working right away on making sure your Kickstarter goal is reached and surpassed.


One more thing- If you don’t have the money to market your Kickstarter please contact us anyway. We’re are happy to give free advice and help out however we can. Kinship also strongly believes in making the world a better place so if you’re working with a non-profit or charity please contact us for free marketing help. We will never charge a non-profit for marketing and it is a service we offer 100% for free because we feel it’s the right thing to do.

Please visit our site and fill out the simple forum at the bottom of the page

Thank you for your time and we look forward to getting your Kickstarter funded.



For Lillie’s Sake #indiegogo – #dog #causes #crowdfunding #crowdsourcing

28 Feb


For Lillie’s Sake

Lillie, a sweet mama dog, and her 6 puppies were rescued after being found chained, emaciated, and parasite infested!



****Update 12/1/12***

We thank all of you so much for your support and hope you continue to support Faithful Friends — you can read our original story on Lillie below, but we wanted to update you — 4 of Lillie’s puppies have been adopted into wonderful, loving, approved homes. 2 of them are still waiting on Forever homes! We invite you to check them out on petfinder.com. BUT, Lillie, as great as she’s been doing with her foster home, at her latest vet appointment, the vet found a heart murmur and some other issues — for a referral and appointment at the university vet hospital, it’s going to be at least $500 to do some testing on the health of her heart! She’s come so far in such a small amount of time, we don’t want to lose out on any option to help her, the puppies and all of our other rescues currently in foster homes! Please continue to spread the word about Lillie far and wide! Thank you!

Just yesterday, Lillie got to be the star in our local Christmas Parade and she was Gorgeous and sweet as ever 🙂


Who are we?

Faithful Friends Animal Advocates, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in Neosho, MO. The organization provides rescue efforts to animals in Newton and McDonald counties, two of the nation’s leading puppy milling and puppy broker counties. Through the years we have been established, we have managed to help rehome hundreds of dogs and cats. Our efforts are endless, we work entirely off of donations, foster homes and volunteers. We are also in the process of building an Animal Adoption Center.

Lillie’s Story

An email request for help came from a Newton County Sheriff’s Department deputy. He had seen a “very skinny dog and three puppies” on a rural county road. The owner was questioned and admitted he could not take care of them. When I spoke with him on the phone, he said they’d had the dog for five years but he was working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet. “Lillie” had six puppies (not three). The man told me the deputy was concerned about the scar on Lillie’s back, but said that it was caused by getting sunburned when she was being looked after by a family member. Her chain had gotten tangled so she was out in the sun for several hours. He said she’d been given veterinary care and it was healed. I believed his story and made arrangements to meet his wife at the home the next morning to assess how we might help.

As I pulled into the drive, I saw a red boxer looking dog peek her head around the corner of some concrete blocks surrounded by a pile of debris at the far corner of the property. The owner’s wife led me first to the opposite end of the property along a line of trees where six, young, small puppies were penned. As they all clamored and cried loudly at the gate, the woman admitted they hadn’t been fed that day. Their little hip bones were protruding and their bellies swollen. As I squatted down to talk to them, I saw the biggest fleas I’d ever seen were visible running all over their little faces and bodies.

We then walked to the other end of the property where I was introduced to Lillie. I couldn’t believe that the skeleton of a dog that was standing before me was still alive, let alone wagging her tail at me from the end of a three foot chain. I felt sick. The horrific, partially healed scar on her back accentuated every vertebrae of her entire spine. She had little muscle mass but still had the strength to put her paws around my waste. I carefully asked the woman a series of questions to see if her story matched her husband’s. It didn’t………I took some pictures as I blinked back tears.

I hurried back to the office, sent out an SOS email with the photographs, booked a vet appointment and with the help of another volunteer returned to rescue Lillie and her babies.

The staff gasped, almost in unison, as we walked into the animal hospital. Lillie’s boxer mix frame weighed barely thirty pounds. My fingers disappeared in her rib bones. She was full of deadly parasites along with the same gigantic fleas that her puppies were wearing. The doctor said it was absolutely impossible that the partially healed scar on Lillie’s back could have been caused the way the former owner claimed. He surmised that something acidic had been poured on her. Lillie listened and watched us with those huge, beautiful eyes, her tail continuing to wag throughout her entire examination, enduring all the pulls and pokes, with complete submission.

Thankfully, all that her babies needed were worming, good nutrition, vaccinations and some tender, loving care. Lillie, on the other hand, will need months to recover from the abuse and neglect she has endured. We are deeply grateful to a very special couple who received our SOS email about Lillie, saw the shocking pictures and asked if they could foster her. Tonight as I write this, Lillie’s boney little frame is sleeping on a soft pillow beside their bed, instead of in between some concrete blocks hooked to a chain. She has a tummy full of premium dog food, extra vitamins and healing meds. She has not had one accident in this couple’s house, nor disturbed one thing, when left alone. She has displayed nothing but gentle kindness toward all other dogs and people. Her new foster mom and dad and their whole family adore her. The improvement she’s shown in a few short days has been amazing, confirming the diagnosis of starvation and neglect.

How does a dog experience the indescribable pain and suffering that she has endured and yet respond to us with such loving kindness and even gratitude? This time charges were filed…………..for Lillie’s sake

What We Need & What You Get

Financial support is greatly needed for the care of Lillie, her 6 puppies and the countless other animals we have rescued and in foster homes. When we rehome animals, there is an adoption application process and screening. We ensure quality veterinary care for all of our animals, vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention, spay/neuter and usually microchip as well. Your financial support will go to the health and well-being of all of our animals, and we will continue to post pictures and updates.

  • Donations up to $20 will receive a personal thank you note and picture of an animal you have helped
  • Donations between $20 and $99 will receive a refrigerator magnet, personal thank you and picture of animal
  • Donations of $100 or more will receive an FFAA t-shirt, magnet and personal thank you with picture.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please consider supporting us! If you can’t help financially, please help get the word out!

Follow our story, consider being a contributor!


#AriesGate #Indiegogo owner nearly loses his thumb for the project!

5 Feb


A picture of the AriesGate owner after his battle with the drill press today in trying to get the tailgate platform done ; Greg, said he would have to give blood, sweat, and tears for this project and he did.

Help him feel better and go visit his Indiegogo campaign:


A Look Back at Indiegogo’s Successful Year in Crowdfunding

28 Jan




Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo released statistics about its work in 2012 last week, focusing on campaigning, community and the influence of video within the past year.

The stats show that on average, campaigns raised more than 2011 campaigns did, and nearly half of all campaigns received support from more than one country.

Many people know of Indiegogo as the platform used for more than 100,000 cause-related, creative or entrepreneurial campaigns, including raising money for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein, victims and families of the Sikh temple shooting, Hurricane Sandy relief and a Nikola Tesla museum.

“Indiegogo empowers people all over the world to raise money for whatever they’re passionate about,” Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of Indiegogo, told Mashable. “Education is a huge component of empowerment, which is why we publish our Insights series. There’s no one way to have a successful campaign in 2013, but having a high “gogofactor” [the algorithm that measures campaign and community activity] means your campaign is thriving.”

Indiegogo regularly shares insights, tips and tricks with its users to help them create better and more successful campaigns. “It’s exciting to see that our 2012 data shows our customers are listening,” Ringelmann said.

Here are Indiegogo’s 2012 highlights:


  • Campaigns appear to have garnered more support in 2012, raising an average of 20% more than projects did in 2011. Successful campaigns took an average of 11 days to prepare for their launches. The most successful campaign, “Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum,” raised an Indiegogo record of $1,370,461 in total funding.

  • Indiegogo campaigns also seem to have had shorter funding periods in 2012 — core campaigns ran an average of 49 days, as opposed to 60 in 2011, and successful campaigns ran for an average of 39 days.


  • In addition to more money raised, the generosity of the Indiegogo community seems to have increased in 2012, too, with 33% of all contributed dollars deemed “altruistic” dollars (contributed in excess of perk amount or without any perk). This is compared with 23% in 2011.

  • Surprisingly, 14% of campaigns had a single contributor refer more people to the campaign page than the campaign owner.

  • Campaigns had an average of 1.7 team members, whereas 2011 campaigns had an average of 2.2 team members. In July 2012, co-founder Slava Rubin told Mashable that if a campaign has four or more people on its team, it will raise 70% more money than a crew of one.

  • Through Indiegogo, 45% of campaigns received contributions from people in more than one country (57% of successful campaigns).

  • Campaigns received an average of 42 more likes or shares on Facebook than they did in 2011.



Indiegogo campaign to buy the Homeworld IP from THQ

28 Jan


Web developer launches Indiegogo campaign to buy the Homeworld IP from THQ

Wants to make Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Touch.